This week, Thristian invites Nasri Sayegh for Radio Karantina with a message from Beirut to the world.

“From Beirut to the world, and/or vice-versa; radiokarantina – born on the eve of March 15 when Lebanon was about to enter total quarantine – is a project that conjures together music, stories, and images during the exceptional times the world is currently witnessing. “Ceci n’est pas une radio! – but rather, a hunch, a sort of intuition that I followed. I quickly understood that this “compulsory medical and sanitary vacation” was here to stay in the long term. It was at first out of pure desire and pleasure that I began to share music with the world from my apartment, and then to go beyond the confined walls of my home by inviting friends into the ‘musical family’, and to finally – and humbly – set the example and encourage people to stay at home. Since that day, and with the generous creative participations of more than a hundred artists, writers, theatre makers and enthusiasts that have shaped its musical journey, radiokrantina has been somehow a humble echo chamber listening to and reverberating the turmoil in Lebanon and beyond. But nothing had prepared us for the unspeakable horror that was about to destroy Beirut. Since August 4, 6:09pm, after the horrendous explosion that has left our beloved city completely devastated, radiokarantina has stopped emitting music. Speechless, soundless, still under-shock, but most of all enraged against the political system that has been slowly killing Lebanese people since many decades and that is responsible for the unprecedented ravage, radiokarantina has opened its ears and eyes to many calls for donations. Radiokarantina would like to thank Global Roots and Worldwide FM for their precious solidarity. Here are some sounds from Beirut and beyond. Please consider donating to this list of initiatives that have been working and helping on the ground since the blast. There are many other grassroot initiatives. Please stay in touch with us. Keep an eye on us. Stay informed – the coming days and weeks are crucial. And most of all, please donate and spread our sounds and words. Beirut needs you. You need Beirut. Love. Nasri Sayegh, founder of radiokarantina

Donate here:

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