Moscow 2019 w/ The British Council & WWFM

A few weeks ago I went over to Moscow with the rest of the Worldwide FM crew. We teamed up with the British Councils Selector Radio to take part on the UK – Russia Year of Music 2019.


It took place at the multi faceted venue Powerhouse.

Across the weekend, we had an outdoor barbecue and live radio presentation of British and Russian live bands Skinny Pelembe, Riddim Research, Emma Jean Thackery, Elsa Hewitt and a DJ set from Lay Far.

We traversed in the evening and hosted a club night with Gilles Peterson, Private Persons. Tash LC, Raumskaya, Borge and myself.

The following day we hosted a record fair with dealers from across Moscow and then Gilles took part in a Q&A session about the various levels in his life.

In between I managed to catch a quick sight of the Kremlin, Lenin and the Req Square, visited the Modern Art Museum enjoyed a variety of foods that ranged from Georgian dumplings, grilled Tuna, black sea oysters, bbq steak and bread juice.

Take a listen to the summary show I did last week where I played some of the live recordings from the day, we hear from Gilles Peterson and Tash LC as they dig through the record market and we hear a mix from Muscovite DJ Dasha. I also play some of the records i discovered at the fair and for the last part i delve into the new music i discovered.


If you’d like to dig further into our Russian adventure? Head to Worldwide FM, we have guest mixes from Russian DJs and a mix of the records that Gilles Peterson found in Moscow.


png image 2Sam Fawcett on Camera duties



e5d8d6bd-61d5-4cee-b36a-2b215f5a8021Borge, EJT & Sam Fawcetta55f8c19-0e51-41b6-9894-af8abeb06af0d164213c-ef80-4821-8006-10198451b8a49d202d43-ec0a-4931-94a4-9e61fa20750dd6070232-cf02-4264-a296-e830382b584556cea016-2c4d-4fe8-9e30-3b7dae70429bMVIMG_20190616_114923.jpg39388315-74db-4fa0-9e11-a5aa06574ccbf6b61ba7-bf5c-43b3-97f3-01a15d9f02347a6e0736-7989-4d2d-87e0-51762e9bf6033b906d50-136c-4129-bd37-98207db71ccab73334ac-9326-44e4-9252-9b76af7d8e931f04a231-dcbe-4824-a30c-917865620157-1416-00000131625149c0


MVIMG_20190617_094143.jpgb366376b-6d83-429f-bfb5-be773cb63b28The Garage, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscowcb32aba5-3255-402d-b14e-17e93445d1c639517bfe-a1a0-4e2e-9255-7bdf52cb0371851bc5a3-f896-43ce-a66c-d896e5be92ceboxed art at The Garage73238f88-9682-4d0d-a58e-9c1ef7e8c1c73bc5019c-73f8-4b1e-8178-f5904fdb365c

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