🎥🇨🇴 WATCH – Birds of Passage

After watching “The Favourite” and feeling impressed but underwhelmed I was on the look out for a film that left me with something.

Curzon Home Cinema is of course a reliable source.

I unexpectedly came across Birds of Passage. It’s made by the same people that made Embrace the Serpent – An amazing film that gives us a rarely unique insight int9 the history and culture of indigenous peoples in South America.

Birds of Passage is equally as spectacular visually and morally. Drug trafficking in Colombia is a subject that’s been revisited many a time. Sometimes amazingly, sometimes not so. Birds of Passage introduces a new perspective. It looks at the pressures the drug trade applies generational traditions and tribal loyalties without getting too gruesome. The rural Colombian backdrop provides a strangely unidentifiable setting to emeotions that haven’t been shared on the big screen before.

“From the makers of the Oscar-nominated ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ comes a tale of family, criminality, justice and revenge unlike anything else. Based on a true story and unfolding over the course of two decades, ‘Birds of Passage’ shows how a tribe in the north of Colombia entered the profitable marijuana business, dominating it for years, before competing forces threatened the tribe’s entire existence. Unlike the monochrome beauty of the jungle in ‘Serpent’, Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego’s new film is shot in vivid colour and against the backdrop of Colombia’s rich landscape, creating a compelling portrait of a world. Exclusively in cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema.
★★★★ “A mesmerising and transporting drug epic like no other” – Phil de Semlyen, Time Out
★★★★ “A stunner of a movie” – Laurshka Ivan-zadeh, Metro
★★★★ – Nigel Andrews, Financial Times
★★★★ “Beautiful” – Ed Potton, The Times
★★★★ “Combines magical realism with the epic sweep of The Godfather” – Mark Kermode’s Film of the Week, The Observer”
★★★★ “Really startling and intriguing” – Peter Bradshaw’s Film of the Week, The Guardian

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